Coach Charlene Corpus

Specializing in confidence, dating, forgiveness, meditation, relationships, self love, spirituality, and transitions!

Coach Charlene Corpus

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Shamanic work is an indigenous tradition incorporating sacred practices of shamanic journeying, drumming, and ceremony for restoring balance and wholeness. Shamanic practitioners access the soul landscape and call in healing energies and wisdom through spiritual guides, spirit animals, and allies. A shamanic journey is a type of vision quest and may include but is not limited to: soul retrieval; ancestral healing; meeting power animals; past life healing; rewriting soul contracts; space clearing and blessing; severing soul connections; and cutting etheric cords to people and events.

Energy healing is a blend of ancient technologies that tap into life force energy (chi, prana, ether, etc) to resolve imbalances in physical, mental, emotional, financial, and relationship issues, often relieving pain in multiple areas of mind, body and spirit.  Modalities used are reiki or Energy Mastery.

Spiritual mentorship is either for those seeking spiritual guidance or who want to develop their intuitive abilities and gifts and learn to manage them alongside their "normal" life to prevent overwhelm and burnout. A variety of modalities are used including but not limited to: mediumship; tarot; energy reading; claircognizance; clairvoyance; clairsentience; and clairaudience. 

Packages include:

  • sessions as detailed
  • 1 half hour call scheduled 2 weeks after each session
  • 1 half hour emergency call to be used at any time
  • 5 text or DMs per month