Coach Katherine Winny

Specializing in goal setting, life transitions, manifesting, productivity, and purpose & calling!

Coach Katherine Winny

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My aim is to encourage people to make these changes before life throws the curveball. To identify where you are out of balance. To come back into balance and take your life from “fine” to “amazing” every single day.

I believe that most people are living out the life that society tells them they should be, without much thought to whether it’s what they actually want to do. We’re so busy trying to walk the tight-rope of “having it all” that we’ve completely lost our own balance.

I know exactly what it’s like trying to balance a successful corporate career, maintain a fulfilling life outside of work and get the body you’ve always wanted. I also know what it’s like when you stop trying so hard and change your life in ways that make it work for you (rather than the other way round).