Coach Bri Edwards

Specializing in confidence, dating, divorce recovery, expired relationship, manifesting, relationships, self love, and sexuality!

Coach Bri Edwards

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I believe there is a creative life force in each person and that each of us has the ability to direct this force in a manner which allows it to flow unhindered within us. When we harness this positive energy and allow it to guide us, we can attain peace and enjoy the abundance of life. 

I have experienced overwhelming yet enlightening emotion and have found proactive and practical ways not only to deal with them, but to use the energy from these emotions in creative ways so that I am able to engage my prior experiences to unburden myself from the repercussions of these feelings. Ultimately my goal is to always bring myself back to my center where positive and creative energy can guide me. I also appreciate the cerebral component of gravitating to my center so I place a lot of importance on surrounding myself with and speaking only those positive incantations which will allow me to remain centered at my core.

My life has been an interesting co-mingling of deep lows and high highs, truly sad spans of time punctuated with the happiest of moments, juxtapositions of knowing who I am with knowing less about myself than I thought I did, and contrasts of accepting, dreaming, seeking and understanding. To date my life has been an experiment in adapting, learning, growing, adopting, inventing and loving myself to become the beautiful, confident and compassionate person I continue to grow into. 

I have personal experience dealing with struggles that bisexual and gay people experience as we discover our sexuality and selves. I understand how challenges associated with acceptance of self and acceptance from others can lead to stress, anxiety, withdrawal and depression. I also understand now how to channel these feelings into becoming a healthy centered person with positive outlook. 

As I continue my journey, I hope to help others achieve their life’s goals also. I listen well; devote energy, time and effort to understanding and relating to others; use my energy center to find solutions to problems, answers to questions, provide support and reinforcement of positive change and pathways of change where negativity may have taken root. I am honest, I provide feedback when I feel it can be helpful, I give my all to everything I do and I am passionate about making a difference in our world.