Coach Joyce Chen

Specializing in confidence, divorce recovery, expired relationship, fear, goal setting, purpose & calling, and self love!

Coach Joyce Chen

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I'm a self-diagnosed wanderluster, marketer & storyteller. I used to live my life by "norms," subscribing to a series of principles of "shoulds" & external expectations. Then, an unexpected major life event shook me, tested my resilience and made me look in the mirror. While I felt destroyed, today I am thankful for this challenge because it forced me to re-introduce myself to my soul. As a result, I was reborn into “a life I never knew” and I am grateful for the ability to live in it.

I believe there is so much joy, love & possibility in the everyday wanders we experience and in PEOPLE. My hope is to encourage, empower and introduce you to who you've authentically been all along.