Coach Vanessa Sandberg

Specializing in anxiety, divorce recovery, loss, parenting, self love, and transitions!

Coach Vanessa Sandberg

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I am wild and untamed, rebelliously bucking convention for a juicy, adventurous life.

Would you like to go on an adventure with me?

At some point, we need to make one of the most important decisions of our lives: The decision to acknowledge that we deserve to live a happy, soulful, abundant, and authentic life! For a long time, I did not believe this was true for me. As a matter of fact, I was operating from a place of self-hatred and shame. I clung to my pain and let it define me. But it is in our human nature to operate from a place of SELF-LOVE.

Is joy an ongoing, self-renewing feeling for you?

I have dedicated years to finding holistic approaches to ease, lift, and overcome the obstacles that life has presented and I would like to share these approaches with you. I will be a comforting and compassionate guide for seeking personal and spiritual growth.

From real life experiences and a master’s degree in counseling, I will supply you with a safe space and tools to rebuild inner strength and courage, scrutinize false beliefs, and make peace with unhealed pain.

In the coaching process, I will be your catalyst, the agent that provokes specific change and action, working from many angles, to address:

  • Anxiety: quieting the mind chatter, identifying nutritional and hormonal imbalances, reframing thoughts and guiding techniques to calm the mind and body.
  • Disordered eating, relationships with food, body image issues, weight loss/gain:  We will look at everything from biological processes to breaking up with the mentality that “food is evil.” Having worked with addictions and eating disorders as well as worked in the fitness field as a personal trainer, I can help you devise a holistic approach to heal your mind-body-soul.
  • Relationship and sexual issues: working through old beliefs, trauma, judgment patterns and concerns with self-worth.
  • Life transitions: divorce, loss, grieving, single-parenting and co-parenting, and getting beyond being “unstuck.”
  • Addictions: physical, substance, achievement or others, as appropriate.

While devising a knack for solving life’s problems or finding beauty and meaning in spiritual awakening, I enjoy exploring my mystical framework through traditional shamanism, energy healing, yoga and meditation.

Having grown up in the forest, living in a log cabin, I fostered a deep love for nature and the connectivity we all have with the earth. As John Kim would say, “keep moving forward” and I plan to do so as an energetic, caring old sage with an insatiable zest for life.
Care to join me?

I want to hear your incredible story! I want you to see that you are visible, that you are worthy and that you can flourish. You can do this!

Let’s work together to transform your life!